Salle Mari

Department of Near Eastern Antiquities Louvre
Paris, France, 2019

Oriental Louvre Project
Orienteal Louvre Project
Muevo Louvre Mari
Oriental Louvre Project
Oriental Louvre Project
Oriental Louvre Project


One of the most important exhibits of the Louvre Museum is found in the Department of Near Eastern Antiquities. It is a perfectly preserved masterpiece dating back to 2340 BC.

The Ebih-Il statue was discovered at the archaeological site of Mari in Syria by the French archaeologist André Parrot in 1933, during the excavations that uncovered ancient temples in Mesopotamia. The worshipers used to offer to the gods a statue that depicted themselves, as a proof of their eternal faith.

The challenge for MUEVO was to present Ebih-Il in all its splendor, but also to bring out the rest of the archaeological findings presented together.

We constructed the exhibit’ s display case with attention to detail and by the use of special lighting equipment. The artifact seem to radiate light from within, and thanks to the use of virtually invisible glass, every detail can be captured by the visitor’s eyes.

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Louvre Museum, Paris, France