Arms Museum

Grand Curtius Museum
Liège, Belgium, 2018


In the heart of Liege lies the Grand Curtius. It is a museum complex housing important collections of works of art in a building of the early 17th century, a property of Jean de Corte, also known as Curtius, a wealthy arms and gunpowder dealer of the time.

The Arms Museum is one of the oldest museums in Liege housing the collection of weapons, reflecting their technological evolution over four centuries. MUEVO undertook the construction of display cases for the museum’s new permanent exhibition of weapons collection, which will be developed on three levels.

In September 2018, we completed the first level of the exhibition, which included the weapons used in hunting and defense. The challenge for our team was the relationship between weight and endurance. The age of the building didn’ t permit the installation of the heavy artillery and the standard system display cases. Our engineers, however, developed custom, lightweight constructions, specifically designed for the Arms Museum’s permanent collection.

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Liège, Belgium