Salle Du Col De Cygne

Château de Fontainebleau
Paris, France, 2017


The Castle of Fontainebleau is one of the largest French castles and has hosted many monarchs and generals, from Louis IV to Napoleon I. A true work of art, the medieval palace is an example of Renaissance architectural style and decoration. Located just outside Paris, the palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which attracts hundreds of visitors every year.

Among the palace exhibits, there is a collection of rare porcelain artifatcs, such as Chinese vases and objects for everyday use.

MUEVO undertook the creation of a large “L” shape “Freestanding” display case for housing porcelain works of art, customized so as to meet the particular needs of the project.

The site is a historical monument so the walls and floor could not be utilized to anchor the large showcase and rigidly support the opening of its 3x3m glass doors. We addressed this by implementing solutions with minimum visual impact, such as a fully concealed wheel system.

Project Data


Paris, France