Distinction From The Academy of Athens

MUEVO has been awarded an Honorary Distinction by the Academy of Athens

MUEVO was honored with an official praise for its noteworthy contribution to the cultural field at the annual Commemorative Meeting of the Athens Academy, which took place on Tuesday, December 20th, 2022.

From its very start to date, MUEVO has been distinguished for its progressive trajectory as well as for its firm desire to promote various fields of the wider cultural sphere. The company thus supports a diversity of creative initiatives, all of which aim to enhance the impact of Arts & Culture.

Last year, MUEVO undertook a key role in the realization of the exhibition “Narrations of Freedom: The Academy of Athens Pays Tribute to 1821”, while the company’s future plans align with the advancements of the cultural sector on a global scale.

Co-founders Michalis Doukas and Loukas Saridis attended the ceremony to receive the award on behalf of the company.


MUEVO takes part at SITEM’s 27th Edition

Our company was very happy to return to SITEM’s international museum trade show for its 27th edition, which took place in the Carrousel du Louvre from March 28th to 30th .

Three years had passed since MUEVO’s last participation in the exposition, before the outburst of the global pandemic.

To celebrate its return, MUEVO decided to employ a creative but equally practical stand, whose design was devised with the aim of being easily modified and re-used in future instances.

Drawing inspiration from the elegant lines of classical architecture, our stand was designed with the idea of resembling an ancient Greek temple in mind.

Resting on the five exterior columns, five small-sized monitors signaled the different parts of our media presentation, as were displayed on the three larger screens in the interior of the stand. A mirror was placed on the wall of each side to reflect the display and give off an infinite impression of space.

The end result was a highly aesthetic construction, representative of our ability to deliver total fit out services whilst also showcasing our company’s roots, know-how and completed projects in a constant video loop.

From the installation process to the closing down of the exposition, the 27th edition of SITEM was a unique experience.

Special thanks to Agence Nathalie Crinière for the beautiful concept of our stand design as well as to La Méduse for the captivating animation.

La Galerie Dior

La Galerie Dior


La Galerie Dior

The opening of the exquisitely renovated (La) Galerie Dior signaled our entry in the sphere of haute couture, an exciting new direction in MUEVO’s trajectory thus far. Contributing to the conversion of the historic House of Dior into a contemporary and commemorative “refuge of the marvelous” was a thrilling achievement for MUEVO. Our company undertook the design, production and installation of fourteen special showcases to match the highly atmospheric scenography of Dior’s Museum, including Vitrine Ruban. By far one of our most distinguishable works for this project, Vitrine Ruban encompasses Room 02 as if it were a decorative ribbon. As the room is dedicated to Christian Dior’s biography, the display case follows an organic, curvaceous structure, tracing the line of the visionary designer’s life events.

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

MUEVO x Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

The Papyrus of Derveni

The Papyrus of Derveni, Europe’s oldest “book” (340-320 BC) and the first Greek entry on UNESCO’s “Memory of the World” List is presented in a new, even more secure environment.

In collaboration with the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, we designed and built a new display case for the Derveni Papyrus, according to the globally appropriate and accepted standards of preventive maintenance for the exhibition and storage of antiquities and works of art.

The 266 fragments of the papyrus, which were discovered during the 1962 excavations in the area of Derveni, Thessaloniki, are presented to the public today in an ideal and controlled micro-environment.