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State-of-the-art museum display cases and exhibition systems


The Story of Museum Evolution

The story of MUEVO began when a small group of friends and colleagues sharing the same passion for the preservation of cultural heritage, decided to join forces for the establishment of a new enterprise specializing in the fabrication of next-generation museographic equipment and custom display case design. With the founding team’s extended experience in the implementation of international museum projects, emerged the idea for a novel company with a unique approach in the field of museum display case manufacturers. Hence emerged the growing circle of Museum Evolution, aiming to deliver bespoke solutions to the museum and wider cultural industries.


Our Experience Makes our Expertise

Our conception of Museum Evolution is based on the principles of quality, innovation and transparency. These values do not only apply to the design of our museum display cases, but also characterize our company’s culture and people.

MUEVO’s multidisciplinary team consists of 40 qualified professionals, all highly creative and skilled people, dedicated to the same mission: that of protecting & promoting our world’s cultural heritage.


Museum display case design is our quest

Supplying the museum and wider cultural sectors with high quality showcases and exhibition equipment is our way of contributing towards the preservation of our cultural heritage. For us, the achievement of this goal begins with the fabrication of the display cases that shall house the artefacts once a permanent collection or a temporary exposition is set up. In order to satisfy the needs of all different stakeholders involved in this process, we offer entirely customized solutions, always developed based on the specific demands of a project.


Entirely custom display solutions to match your needs

At MUEVO, we firmly believe that the best way to serve our clients is to completely adapt to their needs. We thus treat every project as a special one, always adjusting our methodology to the specific requirements of each case. This allows us to ensure high-end results whilst paying utmost respect to the architectural intent, the museography or the scenographic concept guiding each work.

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Display Cases

MUEVO has no standard showcase system, preferring to grow its expertise in the development of custom constructions.



We manufacture and retrofit any possible display case imaginable, in order to meet and exceed our clients’ needs, always paying utmost respect to the museographic needs and scenography concept of any given project. We implement the most advanced security systems and custom locks to all our display cases, all containing their own micro-environment with apropos lighting conditions, as well as ventilation and humidity control mechanisms.

Total Fit Out

MUEVO’s expanded portfolio includes total fit-out design services, always executed with the employment of a tailor-made methodology.



Our fit-out solutions aim to enhance the visitor experience through the creation of immersive environments with increased story-telling abilities, embedded in every physical aspect of the exhibition space.
In addition to supplying the artworld with museum quality showcases, we further implement the full scope of gallery fit-outs, covering the full range from construction planning to interior furnishings and integrated graphics, collaborating with our esteemed partners when necessary.

Special Projects

We can deliver any type of display case depending on your needs, and can further undertake any special project.


Special Projects

Apart from our partner institutions in the museum and cultural heritage field, MUEVO also collaborates with private collectors and galleries both for permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. In this respect, we offer solutions that take into account special conditions, such as the need of traveling.
For this reason, we have developed an easily mountable and dismountable display case solution. We can deliver any type of display case according to your needs, and can further undertake projects with specific high standard requirements given our experience and expertise.


A New Generation of Museum Display Case Manufacturers

We have established our own manufacturing facility in an industrial zone near Athens. Our production unit underwent a grand renovation project in 2023: more space was added to our facilities, and major upgrades were implemented to the entire building. Moreover, our equipment inventory also increased with the addition of new, cutting-edge machinery.


From the processing of heavily used primary supplies like glass, steel, aluminum and wood, to the painting, grinding and polishing of said materials, our premises contain all the necessary units required to sustain the entire production line of our display solutions in-house.

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