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Project Data

  • Department Of Greek Etruscan New12
  • Department Of Greek Etruscan New13
  • Department Of Greek Etruscan New10
  • Department Of Greek Etruscan New8
  • Department Of Greek Etruscan New7
  • Department Of Greek Etruscan New6
  • Department Of Greek Etruscan New4
  • Department Of Greek Etruscan New1
  • Department Of Greek Etruscan New2


The Department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities is one of the Louvre Museum’s eight historic departments. The Crown started acquiring antiquities from these civilizations as early as the 16th century, gradually adding to the magnificent collection of ancient art that is housed in the museum today. The Department had hardly been changed since it was founded, until a major renovation was initiated in 2018. In 2023, it reopened its doors to the public, this time presenting a new museographic concept.


In this project, MUEVO developed and constructed 80 unique glass showcases and support systems for the heart of the Department, including the Salle des Bronzes, Salle de Henri II, and the Salon des Sept-Cheminées. The challenge that MUEVO’s design team had to address on this instance was the need for all the display cases and podiums to evenly distribute their total weight –a paramount prerequisite given the building’s characteristics and the floor’s permissible weight load.


Given our heritage, the implementation of projects involving the presentation of Greek antiquities is always an honor for us, especially in one of the most renowned museums worldwide.


The splendid artifacts from the Louvre’s collection are now presented under a new light in MUEVO’s showcases, especially designed to safely preserve and elegantly present our world’s history.

Project Data

Museography: EPML

Location:  Department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities, Louvre, Paris

Completion Date: 2023