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Louvre Museum, Paris, France,2019


Project Data

  • Dpartement Des Arts D Islam 1
  • Dpartement Des Arts D Islam 3
  • Dpartement Des Arts D Islam 2
  • Dpartement Des Arts D Islam 6
  • Dpartement Des Arts D Islam 5


In order to strengthen the bonds and dialogue between different cultures, religions and countries, the Louvre Museum renovated the Department of Islamic Art, by creating new, interactive spaces.

The Department of Islamic Art is one of the newest departments in the museum. It was founded in 2002 and, later in 2012, a space of 3000 sq.m. was added in the heart of the Louvre in order to showcase more than 18,000 masterpieces of its collection.

MUEVO undertook the fit-out of the museum’s new spaces, which include a new entrance to the Department of Islamic Art and a periodical exhibition gallery with interactive multimedia applications. Modern technologies have been applied, such as the use of innovative materials and a custom hydraulic telescopic opening system for the display cases.

The new spaces are intended to introduce the visitor to the experience of Islamic art from the 7th century and later. The visitors may admire the geographical range of Islamic art spanning from Spain to India, the development of form and materials, as well as selected artifacts that have been milestones in its long history.

Project Data

Location: Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Year:          2019