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The opening of the exquisitely renovated Galerie Dior in Paris signaled our entry in the sphere of haute couture, an exciting new direction in MUEVO’s trajectory thus far. Contributing to the conversion of the historic House of Dior into a contemporary “refuge of the marvelous” was a thrilling achievement for MUEVO. Our company undertook the design, production, and installation of fourteen special showcases to match the highly atmospheric scenography of Dior’s Museum.

By far one of our most distinguishable works for this project, Vitrine Ruban encompasses Room No. 02 like a decorative ribbon. As the second room is dedicated to Christian Dior’s biography, the display case follows an organic, curvaceous structure, tracing the line of the visionary designer’s life events.

Another noteworthy construction that MUEVO developed for La Galerie Dior was the “Totem” vitrine series of seven, which can be seen on the left side of Room No. 15. Their rhombus-shaped support frames contain angular metal elements and hollow beams that result in the rhomboid form of the Totem display cases.

A memorable passage is also to be found on the gallery’s second floor. Running along both sides of the storey’s corridor, our “Savoir-faire” displays highlight each individual exhibit, whilst presenting them altogether in a set of horizontal and vertical cases.

Project Data


Scenography: Agence NC

Location: La Galerie Dior, Paris,France

Completion Date: 2022