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Hangar Y is a place of vast size and rich history. Located in Meudon, it was constructed in late 19th century, originally as an aeronautics site.

The function of Hangar Y changed over the years; during WWI, its building was used for the production of tethered balloons, and following the victory of the Allies, the site was then converted to the world’s very first Air and Space Museum, in celebration of France’s military coup.

After fifteen years, the Hangar’s use changed again, this time serving as a conservation and storage space for the Air and Space Museum, whose collections were moved to Le Bourget Airport in 1973. The Hangar subsequently closed its doors to the public and remained closed for almost half a century.

Listed as a historic monument, the world’s oldest airship site reopened as a cultural center in Spring 2023, as an interconnection site for the arts, science and nature. MUEVO was proud to have been selected as a partner for the provision of museum display cases for the hangar’s historical artifacts.

The challenge on this case was posed by the site’s surroundings: nestled in the green forest park of Chalais, the hangar undergoes extreme temperatures and humidity levels throughout the year. Our display solutions thus had to fulfil strict technical criteria, especially given the delicate nature of the exhibits. Apart from being equipped with active clima control mechanisms, our showcases for Hangar Y achieved a 0.1 on all airtightness tests – an impressive score considering that some had multiple openings.

The intriguing collections of Hangar Y are now safely and elegantly presented to the public in MUEVO’s museum display cases.

Project Data

Scenography: Agence NC

Location: Hangar Y, Paris Meudon

Completion Date: 2023