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Kingdoms of the Sea Exhibition

Liège, Belgium, 2017

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  • La Boverie
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Located in the growing urban area of Liège, the Museum “La Boverie” houses large periodical exhibitions apart of its permanent collection of modern works of art.

In 2017, MUEVO undertook the construction of display cases and the fit-out of the temporary exhibition space that would house the exposition titled “Les Royaumes de la Mer-Archipel”, featuring treasures from the Indonesian archipelago, the maritime crossroads of the traders from Indonesia, Australia, China and India. The exhibition featured rare works of art and treasures from the National Museum of Indonesia –many of which were presented for the first time outside the island’s borders, as well as from the Royal Museum of Mariemont, the National Maritime Museum in Paris, and from private collections.

The structures we produced for La Boverie’s exhibition were created with the purpose of being easy and quick to assemble, but also of high-quality, with safety systems that are equivalent to those of permanent collection display cases.

Project Data

Location: Musée De La Boverie, Liège, Belgium

Year:           2017