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Nestled in the heart of Kalambaka in Thessaly, the Eastern Orthodox monastery complex of Meteora is a UNESCO-listed heritage site. The Holy Monasteries of Meteora spread across the area’s breathtaking rock formation, with each residing on the top of a natural hill-like pillar. The effect of this magnificent landscape gives the illusion that the Meteora Monasteries are floating above the clouds, as indicated by the etymological significance of the Greek word “meteor”.

The monastic complex is also home to the museum that was created by the Holy Monastery of the Great Meteoron, in order to protect the sacred heirlooms of its affluent heritage.

Almost three decades after its construction, the holy vestry was in great need of structural and museographic refurbishments. In 2018, MUEVO was selected to assist in the redevelopment works.

On this occasion, MUEVO undertook the restoration of twenty display cases, as well as the production of more than twenty new ones, including all support mechanisms and lighting equipment.

MUEVO’s structures now house the museum’s marvelous collection of diverse artifacts including sacred manuscripts, portable icons, wood carvings, gold embroideries and liturgical utensils amongst other precious relics.

Project Data

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Location: Museum of the Great Meteoron Monastery, Kalambaka, Greece

Completion Date: 2018