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Perachora Folk Art MUSEUM

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Set on the historic site of Ancient Peraia in Corinth, the village of Perachora is known for its folklore artistic traditions, ranging from music and dance rituals to regional costumes, ornate with patterns that showcase its diverse sources history, from archaic times to date.

The Folk Art Museum of Perachora was founded in 2017 with the initiative of members from the local community, who wanted to preserve their cultural heritage.

Led by the visionary Marika Georgiou, the residents of Perachora donated historic artifacts and even entire collections of their heirlooms for the formation of the Museum.

In 2023, the Museum carried out a renovation as to better present its growing collection of more than a thousand art objects according to modern museographic principles.

For this project, MUEVO provided ten custom glass showcases in order to house some of the most prominent exhibits on display, as for example:

  • the “Gioukos”, a premarital tradition involving the collection of dowry materials;
  • the traditional bridal costume of the “Mountafissa”, 
  • the “Sigounia” vests, made of wool and embroidered with multi-coloured silk designs that depict the cycle of life.

On this occasion, our company’s contributions were offered on a pro bono basis, in line with the same spirit that brought the Museum to life in the first place.

Click here to learn more about our MUEVO’s honorary distinction for its support during the Opening of the Perachora Folk Art Museum.

Project Data

Location: Perachora Folk Art Museum

Completion Date: 2023