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Situated in the North of France, the Sir John Monash Center is a museum that tells the story of the sacrifice of thousands of Australian soldiers during World War I.

MUEVO undertook the entire fit-out of the Sir John Monash Center, using modern technologies to address the young generations, whilst paying tribute to traditional elements of Australian identity.

The special panels framing the flat screens were made of wood that was transferred from Australia to Greece, and then to France. The multimedia environment is interrupted by works of Australian artists that aim to reduce the emotional tension of the war stories. Visitors tour the site with the help of an application that can be downloaded on their mobile phones.

The challenge for MUEVO on this instance was to coordinate all the required works and processes between two continents. Creating a digital gallery resting on a tall steel and wooden structure was also tricky considering that just one of the rooms contained 186 of the total 440 screens that display archival material and representations of the time in the Sir John Monash Center.

Location: Villers Bretonneux,  France

Year:           2018