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Hangar Y



Situated in Paris Meudon, the mythical aeronautics site of Hangar Y was built in late 19th century. Following the Allied Victory of WWI, the building was then converted to the world’s very first Air and Space Museum.


In 1973, the Museum’s collections were moved to Le Bourget airport and the hangar thus closed its doors to the public. After 50 years of inactivity, Hangar Y reopened in March as a cultural center, inviting visitors to explore the interconnection between art, science and nature.


On this occasion, MUEVO was selected to provide display cases for the presentation of the monument’s historical collections. Given the site’s conditions and the nature of the exhibits, our showcases were equipped with active clima control mechanisms, on top of scoring a high 0.1 on all airtightness tests – an impressive achievement considering that some of them had more than one door openings.

Project Data