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The village of Perachora is set on the historic site of Ancient Peraia in Corinth, just some kilometers to the north of Loutraki area, where our company’s production unit is based.

In old times, the settlement of Ancient Peraia peaked from the Archaic to the Hellenistic periods. It later underwent a major decline and was eventually abandoned, following the destruction of Corinth by the Romans in 146 BC. It was during the late Byzantine period that the region re-emerged with its new name, which it retains to date. In modern history, Perachora played an important role during the Greek Revolution of 1821 and became the starting point for important historical developments to follow.

Having benefited from the influence of diverse communities and conquerors that made a passing from the area throughout time, Perachora gradually developed a unique cultural identity, as reflected in its local customs and traditions.

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Perachora is known for its folklore artistic expressions, ranging from music and dance rituals to traditional costumes ornate with Ancient Greek and Byzantine patterns and designs.

The heirlooms of this rich cultural heritage were long preserved in the houses of Perachora’s residents, until a brilliant idea came into being: the concept for the Folk Art Museum of Perachora.

The initiative was conceived and carried out by Marika Georgiou, Founder and Administrator of the Museum, with the invaluable contributions of community donors who gifted personal items or even entire collections for the formation of the Museum.

In 2023, Perachora’s Museum of Folk Art re-opened its doors to the public, this time presenting its impressive collection of exhibits under the light of a new museographic approach.

On this occasion, MUEVO was proud to assist with the Museum’s renovation, providing all of its exhibition equipment pro bono, in line with the same voluntary spirit that gave rise to the Museum in the first place.

The freshly renovated Folk Art Museum of Perachora was inaugurated on December 20th 2023 by the Deputy Minister of Culture, Mr. Christos Dimas.

During the opening ceremony, MUEVO received an honorary praise for its wholehearted support to the Folk Art Museum of Perachora as well as its wider contribution to the field of culture in general.

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